Small UFC man knocks out big bouncer on CCTV gets no conviction!

Thanks a lot to MR.Balot. He is such a nice person and took up my case which is in a critical situation. I got to know about George and Team from on of my friend and he was the best to deal with the traffic related issues. I was been charged with serious offences where I was not involved and George handled it with very ease. I have spent many sleep less nights to come out of this critical situation. Balot Team has informed me all the progress and posted all latest information of my case regularly. This is really superb for my life and I strongly recommend these people for any issues related to court matters. Thanks George Balot.

Andy B

I can't praise these guys enough! I came to them with a driving matter and was terrified and couldn't sleep at night but the second I walked thru the door at Balot reilly and had a long chat to george I knew I was in good hands! Throughout the process george and his team showed so much skill and hard work and went out of their way to help me with my stress! And at court george Was such a pro and did everything he promised to do getting a great result. The team even continued to help me after my matter when there was a cock up with the court records and they sorted it all out super fast and didn't ask for a cent extra. Awesome service awesome work and AWESOME RESULT!! The best driving lawyers going round!

Tasia Tate

Few months back I have received summons for serious traffic offences with immediate suspension (Sec 51) on my license and few more charges are also added. I lost my Job and spent so many sleepless nights. I was totally dependent on my license because I am a courier driver and my whole family is dependent on me. I have approached few other lawyers and no one said this is a simple case. I was so depressed and one of my friend suggested Balot Reilly Solicitors. I met Mr. Balot the other day and after seeing these serious charges he said "Don t worry. I will take this". His style of approach is totally different and his team does all back ground work and they have gathered all the information and on the court day I was totally tensed and nervous. Finally Sec 51 is removed on the spot and I was able to drive from then. It is just a Miracle happened for me. Many friends told me that cancelling Sec 51 is not a small task. But Mr. Balot is the BEST in taking care of every detail about the case on my behalf. Thanks a lot to Mr. Balot & Team for top outcome. Highly Recommended.

Bob C

I would like to express one of my best experiences with Mr. Balot. I believe in “If you have the Best people around you, it leads and help to get a better solution when you are in need". Same was also said by Mr. Balot when I met him on the day one.

Couple of months back, few strangers who alleged for unwanted fight for no reason. I could not prevent the incident to happen and it went till exchanging serious blows on either side. Police have arrived and severe sections have been filed on me. One of my friends has suggested Mr. Balot for solving the case and I have approached him with the papers.

Mr Balot and team had always updated me on the case and solved it very easily. Moreover, it was backed up by an office based team who always picked up the phone promptly and gave clear answers. I could have been severely Fined/Imprisoned but came out of this serious case with no fine and Charges. I really appreciate Mr. George Balot for his immense knowledge on these types of cases and I strongly recommend Balot Reilly Solicitors for the people who are in need for such unfortunate cases/incidents.

P Shant

I lost my license for serious drink and drive offence couple of months before and my uncle who is a conveyancer in VIC suggested me to consult Mr George Balot for appealing and taking my case in court. I was very much pleased the way he took up the case and with NO fines, i am out from the charges. I got my license back and able to continue my work. I would recommend people who are charged for traffic offences to consult Mr Balot without hesitation.
Thanks to "Balot Reilly Solicitors team".

Dilip D

I have come across many lawyers in my professional sporting career but my best experience has been with balotreilly solicitors predominantly because they knew how to listen, when to speak and most importantly they knew how to win! Last year my entire career was on the line when I foolishly drove at 162kmh in the wet, at night and with 3 mates in the car. I chose the most experienced lawyer at balotreilly being the owner George Balot who was also easy to get along with and knew his stuff really well. We didn't waste any time and started to prepare for my big day. I told him a conviction was not negotiable. He represented me in court on my big day and I felt so much confidence in having him with me. He was really well spoken and he negotiated with the prosecution and the Magiatrate and was amazing in court. I could've received a jail term but he achieved a great result on the first hearing in court. I received a no conviction result and a very small fine and I didn't loose any demerit points. After the case I was so glad it was over that I had tears in my eyes. If you need a great lawyer who gets the job done and treats you well give these lawyers a call. I Highly recommend them.

Sam J

I recently used George balot of balot Reilly to represent me in a complex traffic offence and George loked after my interests really well! Him and his firm were really professional and caring and they got me an excellent and quick result. George could easily have used the case to get more money out of me but he didn't waste time and put my interests first as the client. I'd recomend these guys to anyone who needs help with a traffic matter!

Rodney Miller

I highly recommend Melbourne Criminal Barrister George Balot. George is professional, approachable and most importantly, compassionate and committed to the rights of his client. I was charged with theft and other like offences. I originally learned of Balot Reilly through their website before I had sought any legal advice. During the initial phone consultation, I was offered non-judgmental advice for the most beneficial way to handle the criminal charges which had I been issued. The experienced team at Balot Reilly have a wealth of knowledge on the subject of criminal law and offered a professional service from start to finish. I felt reassured and confident at all times that I was in the very best of hands. The outcome of my court appearance was a success, with diversion achieved on the day. I felt the victory was genuinely celebrated by George who I trusted every step of the way. Thank you to the team at Balot Reilly for handling my matter in a respectful and professional manner!

Effie Dakis

I'd like to give an enormous thank you to George, Jon and the team at Balot Reilly. If it weren't for their hard work and long hours i wouldn't dare imagine where I would be. I sought their help after making the mistake of trying to tackle my complex matter on my own and digging myself into a deeper hole I didn't know how to get out of, and when I first made contact with George I was exhausted, frustrated and nearly out of hope, but he and the team reassured me and gave me a reason to keep fighting. From the first contact right through to the end they went above and beyond, making sure they covered every possible aspect of my case and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. Due to their tremendous efforts, I can start working towards a future without being plagued by the past. Having these guys on your team is an invaluable asset.

Aimy Reed

Ballot Reilly is a great firm! Not long ago I made a really stupid decision and was charged by the cops. I felt really ashamed and was terrified for my entire future and these charges would be on my record forever, but George Balot and his team worked worked really hard to make sure I got the best outcome. Now there their hard work has paid off and I don't have a conviction on my record, which is a massive relief as it saves my career and my health. At first I went to another lawyer who did no where near the amount of work Balot Reilly did which made me feel hopeless and sure I would get a criminal record, but then I found George and he sorted everything out and now I couldn't be happier!! For anyone who made one stupid mistake like I did but isn't a bad person at heart should definitely use these guys! They are the best going round!

Darren Hall

I was facing breach of intervention order and assault charges from an argument with my partner. I reacted badly to a stressful situation and found myself in serious trouble with the law. My job was in jeopardy and I wanted the best criminal lawyer available. I researched online and found that a lot of lawyers represented themselves to be experienced and very good at what they did but I could not find proof of their results online. I could not take any risks so I then looked at reviews and news paper articles and made a short list and finally selected George Balot from Balot Reilly who constantly achieved great results for his clients and promptly responded to my query within minutes. When I spoke to him I could feel that I was speaking to a highly experienced criminal lawyer who knew what to do, what to say and when to say and had full control of my case. He guided me how to seek treatment for my unacceptable behaviour on the night of the assault and sent my partner and I to relationship counselling and a forensic psychologist. On my big day in court he represented me with so much confidence and class. The Magistrate and the police had so much respect for him in court. He presented my case amazingly well and achieved an amazing outcome. After treatment I have reconciled with my partner and George Balot saved my job. If you're seeking the best I highly recommend George Balot and his staff.

Sammy La

I would like to thank Balot Reilly for all their assistance. they were very attentive and considerate and took great care to ease my stress and anxiety; they prepared my matter very thoroughly and carefully; I would highly recommend Balot Reilly and their team

Aslam Talukdar

Hi everyone,
Balot reilly are an amazing firm! I had serious charges and came to balot reilly after getting advice from lots of other lawyers who all told me I’d get a huge fine and would be convicted and made to go on the Sex offenders register but George, Jon and Josh took over my case and made me feel so much more relaxed and confident. George also talked me out of spending more money than I needed to when we realized we could get the amazing result I never dreamed was possible before coming here ! But George and his tem prepared really well and George broke the case down and used so much skill that 2 charges were dropped and I only got a small fine an no conviction or sex registry. Now I feel so much relief that I can move on with my life. Thank you to everyone at Balot Reilly – these guys are the best in the business!’

Robi Ee

BalotReilly Solicitors are highly experienced. Mr George, Jon and Josh all are simply amazing people who will always keep your mind with "no anxiety" when you will encounter a serious issue with the police and court matters. I probably had the toughest challenge in my life after getting arrested for careless driving endangering serious injury and sent to court where I was very close to get a conviction with imprisonment. I was in the middle of the ocean. I really didn't have any idea where to go. I started searching for the best criminal lawyer and fortunately found Balot Reilly. When I first spoke with Mr. Jon I started getting hope, peace of mind what I was looking for and convinced myself that this is the right place for me to mitigate my sufferings. Next day, I had a long chat with Legend Mr. George and honestly I got an impression that if he cannot do this, no one will be able to get a positive outcome for me. I spent sleepless nights for few months. Those who are reading my review, TRUST me, BALOT REILLY is the right place for you. Due to their hard work, I was granted no conviction, no imprisonment. And the outcome!! AMAZING, 12months good bond + donation...Thank you so much Mr. Jon, Mr., Josh and Legend Mr. George..I am so grateful to you guys for giving me a new life...I will highly recommend BALOT REILLY LAWYERS to everyone...God Bless You Guys......

Rahman Sadikur

The guys at Balot Reilly saved my future! i had serious charges like threaten to kill after i lost my cool after a messy relationship breakup. I've never had a problem with the law but this one moment where i let myself down risked my whole entire future, i had just got into a teaching degree at uni and have young kids and was so scared that i would lose everything. But as soon as i met George he said 'ok, let's aim for a diversion' as this meant NO CRIMINAL RECORD and meant i could achieve my lifelong dream of being a teacher. Loads of other people said i'd have to just cop the conviction but as soon as i met George he reassured me that there were other options and he could save the horrible situation. George used so much persistence to make sure we got the diversion even when police refused to agree at first. His team are very capable and go the extra mile to guarantee the best result. Trust me, if you need a lawyer theres noone better than these guys!!! so many thanks!!

Tara Higgins

If anyone needs a great lawyer for driving cases George josh and Jon at Ballot Reilly lawyer's are the place!! I came to ballot reilly after I had too much too drink and got caught driving back in 2014..I lost my driving license on the spot which was devastating because I'm self employed plumber and obviously relied on my car for work plus I had massive financial issues when the sheriffs tried to take my house away and other belongings. My whole world felt like it was crashing down not to mention the shame I felt for putting my family thru all the pain. But when I saw george straight away I felt happier. George got my SECTION 51 removed quickly so I was allowed to drive again and he then played the court game really well so I could keep my license for 2 years and keep working in that time. George also helped me out financially when he saw how much I was struggling and in the end we got an amazing result where I only lost my license for the smallest minimum period!! I honestly can't speak highly enough of these guys - George is a legend lawyer and he's really well helped out by Jon and josh who put in so much hard work and prep which helped get an awesome result! Thank you ballot Reilly - you guys are the best!!

Nelly Caracho

Hi everyone I am here to share my experience with Balot and Reilly lawyers who gave me direction and advice, which we got from appeal when I went to them after first getting sentenced to 12 months jail with another lawyer. but they made sure I only got a small fine and no conviction or jail from county court. During my case I found them considerate and caring and attentive to me and my case and always kept me in the loop and updated me about the progress of my case. I would definitely recommend BALOT REILLY LAWYERS to everyone as I can't believe the amazing outcome on my case in the county court. I will be always grateful to them..thanks so much Mr George and Mr josh to give me a new life. HATS OFF!!

Pallay Potro

*Achieved the best possible result with Balot and Reilly *

I was faced with very serious charges against me and part of the incident was recorded on CCTV. I pleaded guilty to each charge, as I was ashamed of my foolish actions.

I was firstly charged with;

'Recklessly causing serious injury'.

George Balot, John and Josh, worked exceptionally hard to persuade Police to drop the charge after reviewing medical notes and concluding that the injuries did not amount to 'Serious'
They also obtained CCTV which showed me being assaulted.

The Police soon after agreed and the charge was dropped to;

'Recklessly causing injury'

To which again, I plead guilty to. I was advised and encouraged regularly by Balot and Reilly to seek emotional and behavioural support by visiting a highly regarded Psychologist and Counsellor, during the lead up to my court hearing.
I was advised and encouraged to gather good (character and employer) references. George Balot also gave excellent advice and support to my family members who obviously had allot of questions and concerns to be answered.
I never felt too intimidated to ask question to either: George, John or Josh. I had a very good relationship with them and still do to this day. They keep in regular contact and I was always greeted with a smile when I entered the office. They certainly gave me a voice in court and took time to understand the incident as a whole rather than judge me for my unlawful actions.

Balot and Reilly said from the start that they work to get the best results for people as the genuinely care and as a result in my case it certainly shows.
As a result I left court without conviction and ordered to pay $5000, which is a great result, in regards to the severity of the charges.

I wish everyone at Balot and Reilly the best of luck in their successful careers and a massive Thank you.

Harry B

Was recommended by a friend to Balot Reilly and was impressed by there attention to detail and never-say-die attitude. George and his staff took on several very difficult cases that included 2 assault/domestic violence charges and another with 168 warrants and almost $60K in fines for driving and traffic offences which could've resulted in prison. But because of the Balot Reily guys knowledge of the law and great preparation before court a prison sentence was avoided and all the fines were massively reduced to well under $10K. Well done to George Balot and his team - very pleased and relieved with the great result's all round!

Toby Ells

Balot and Reily Criminal Lawyers are people you can definitely rely on with difficult situations. They were able to help my friend get out of prison and avoid a very serious sentence for in regards to a second cultivation of cannabis offence involving a sophisticated hydroponic system and over 80 plants. They efficiently secured a plan to ensure that the matter was kept in the Magistrates Court and had persuaded the police to downgrade the charge. This plan followed straight through to the end because of their attention to detail with the entire case. Also, Balot and Reily had made sure that we were updated with every step of the process. Balot Reilly met with us after hours and were ready for court in Ballarat the next day. They negotiated the charges and within 1 week arranged a psychologist to see my friend in jail.
It was our first time with an issue like this, it was done with easy conversation and everything that wasn’t understood was properly explained when asked again. They made sure that we were prepared for court with documentation and presentation which made us felt more confident and comfortable in the serious environment. My friend received community service work with rehabilitation conditions. Balot and Reily Criminal Lawyers had definitely achieved a result we saw nearly impossible and I would recommend these lawyers for anyone who needs efficient and effective results.

Lews Chan

I was devastated when I charged with unlawful assault. I had never been in trouble with the Law before and was facing my first criminal record. I signed up with another Law firm who initially sounded good, however it soon became apparent, during my most vulnerable state, they were trying to scrounge as much money off me as possible with unnecessary delays and adjournments, showing no respect or care. They wanted me to plead guilty instead of securing a diversion program.

At this point I had no idea what to do or where to go. I did my research vigorously before stumbling across BalotReilly Lawyers. From the word go George and Jonathan were professional and polite. Showing absolute class, respect and empathy for my difficult situation. You could tell George and Jonathan had pride in what they do and would go the extra mile in achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. For me it was a diversion. Jonathan guided me in what to do and where to go and how we can aim to achieve a diversion program. They provided regular updates and were available 24/7.

It wasn’t until my court date did George’s experience and knowledge truly shone through. I was confident and assured I had best barrister in town in my corner and that there was no better person who could represent me. George and Jonathan were able to secure me a diversion and the relief I felt that day was unbelievable. It meant I would not have a criminal record, it was the best outcome possible and BalotReilly executed it with precision.

I’m still in contact with George and Jonathan today and they are assisting me with matters with my previous lawyers. My only mistake was not signing up to BalotReilly initially. I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of help in any criminal matter.

Matthew Lucas

I cannot thank the team at Balot Reilly enough for the result achieved in a domestic violence case where they were able to have 2 of the charges dropped and a diversion for the other. Of more significance perhaps was the fact they achieved diversion in a domestic violence case which itself is extremely rare. Facing 3 charges I wanted to make sure I had the best legal team available to represent me. I actually came across them in a google search and found the positive reviews of the firm extremely helpful which weighed heavily on my decision to go with them. From the initial telephone consultation with Josh to the conferences with Jon & George I knew I was in good hands. The matter was dealt with quickly & professionally enabling me to move on with life. George Josh & Jon gave me constant updates and advice on how to prepare for court which included organising character references & providing a background report unique to myself. I cannot recommend these guys and this firm enough.

George Shepherd

Earlier this year I got into trouble for drink driving and I came across Balot Reilly lawyers. I knew I needed a lawyer who could handle my case well because I already had 4 priors for drink driving and had an interlock fitted in my car for years. I was a nervous reck for months, I looked at the laws and realised I could go to jail. Thank god I found Balot Reily tho...they were very quick off the mark and straight away got preparing for court. They put me in touch with a counsellor and alcohol courses, helped me get references and had multiple conferences and heaps of phone calls to make sure I was up to speed all the time. At court George finished the matter in 1 day and I only got a small fine and the lowest driving suspension possible. I feel over the moon now and have no problem saying Balot Reilly are the best in the business!

Casey Dunno

Balot Riley deserve nothing but praise, they provided outstanding service and assisted in all areas possible with regard to our matter.

George and his team took on our case to assist in an appeal, as the matter had already gone to court with a different law firm. Balot Riley did everything possible to undo damage caused by our previous law firm. They not only put in extra time to understand the situation and gave detailed advise around whether an appeal was viable, which is what we went to them for, but also researched other options and managed a number of other issues that occurred as part of the case.

The experience of working with Balot Riley on this matter highlighted that, unlike our previous law firm, they were compassionate, reliable, dedicated and trustworthy. The team worked incredibly hard, gave honest and invaluable recommendations and ensured that more money wasn't wasted. They have guaranteed that the positive outcomes that could occur with regard to this case have occurred. They dedicated themselves to assisting in fixing the many issues created by the previous law firm and they did so in a professional, committed and understanding manner. The team always checked in regularly and took all concerns seriously.

I now have experience with the court system and with other law firms. I have no doubt that if we had gone to Balot Riley in the first place the outcome of the case would have been completely different. They worked harder on the areas they could assist with then the other law firm did on the entire case and have proven to be exceptional. I absolutely recommend Balot Riley, their warm yet professional service, committed and understanding manner and their 100% dedication to ensuring the best possible outcome for us, in the given circumstances, is, and will always be, much appreciated.

Alicia G

My husband was charged with cultivating commercial quantity cannabis and was in the prison. I wanted bail and his previous lawyer kept delaying and moving the court back because it was my husband second time in trouble for the cultivation and drug. I needed the best lawyer in Melbourne for my husband because I wanted him out and I couldn’t cope with the kids, I found balot reilly on internet. They gave me long appointment straight away and worked very hard on my husbands case and went to see him in jail within 24 hours of meeting them They spent many hours with my husband and also with me. They told me what to organize for bail and organized a psychologist and everything we needed to do for the bail. It was a hard bail application but they were very well prepared and they asked many questions from police in court to help my husband . balot reilly won bail for my husband. I was so happy with how they prepared and spoke in court.., it was amazing. My husband was back home and started being a very good father to our kids, I’m very very very happy with Balot Reilly for their great service. I wish I would’ve come to them first because my husband spent almost 2 month in jail with his first lawyer when balot reilly lawyers would’ve got him out much earlier. Thank you for all your help.

Thi Ngo

A massive thank you to everyone at balot Reilly!! I can't thank George josh and Jon enough for everything they did for me when my world felt like it was falling down around me. I was charged with serious domestic violence offences and was looking at prison but George got me an amazing result and NO CONVICTION which I'm so happy with! My case was so stressful because the police and prosecutors did everything to make me suffer and backtracked on our agreement and tried to throw new charges on my but at court George was so smart and let them win the battle so we could win the war and get me such an awesome result in the end. Even when I lost my cool George, josh plus Jon stuck by me and had my back the whole way and I'll never forget all there hard work and how much they helped me move on with my life. IF ANYONE NEEDS A GREAT LAWYER BALOT REILLY IS THE PLACE!!


I recently used George Balot in an ongoing case that resulted me in feeling I was unable to enter the state of Victoria for 5 years in fear of being remanded and jailed.
Immediately after consultation with George, George had a good understanding of my current life situation and responded with quick effective action, meaning I was able to drive in the state of Victoria without fear of being remanded.
I was facing charges such as evading police, dangerous driving, breaching a suspended sentence, failing to appear to court amongst other things, all in which are serious jailable offences. The first step was to go to court and try to drop some of these charges, George spent hours at court going through his findings and found loopholes and discussions. He managed to drop most of the charges, the charges that were punishable by jail sentence! After this session, George recommended I see a psychologist amongst other health checks. After more in-depth discussions, George represented myself in court for what I was hoping would be the last time, however I was extremely stressed about walking out with a license, ( I have a truck license and require it for work and everyday living). By some miracle George, managed to end my case with no jail time, no loss of license and no criminal charge! I walked away with fines, in which he also worked a payment plan out for me on the spot.
I cannot thank George and his team enough for the hours and care they put in towards my case and the best result I could have hoped for.


We would like to thank Balot Reilly for all their assistance in relation to criminal charges against me. Dealing with George, Josh and Jon offered us piece of mind and the professionalism displayed was outstanding! Due to their great work I was granted no criminal record and allowed to participate in a diversion program, which is a huge relief for me and my future. Balot Reilly left nothing to chance and communicated with me really well to keep me in the loop. With such a personal and delicate situation at hand I appreciate the care and manner which helped me get through an extremely difficult time. Thank you very much!


I was in need of an experienced Lawyer with high success rate to represent me in court, my life was on the line and I knew I needed the best Lawyer I can afford. I was recommended to George Balot from a friend, and I am so thankful that I contacted him! He was a very professional and confident Lawyer that made me feel very calm and confident going to court, he listened to me and fought very hard for my case until the end! I got an amazing result and managed to have another opportunity to restore and rebuild my life. Thank you George Balot for being the best Lawyer I can ask for, thank you for believing and fighting for my case when no other Lawyer cared to. I am so thankful for your Law firm and will highly recommend to anyone looking for the best Lawyer in Melbourne or in Australia!

Minh Nguyen

I write to you to share my experience with Balot and Reilly Lawyers whilst
being a full time student and part time worker and how I was able to achieve
a positive outcome based on my circumstances.
My experience begins with finding Balot and Reilly Lawyers via their website
which put my thoughts at ease as it was very organised and gave a positive
view no matter what offence you have committed. At first I was hesitant in
hiring a lawyer as I knew they would not come cheap, but after my first
consultation they put aside the money issue and gave me confidence in
achieving my desired outcome.
Not only was I treated as a “normal” person based on my story, they took
into account my financial situation being not fully employed and gave me a
generous discount as I saw them being there for me and understanding my
situation despite doing their job in just representing me in Court.
Not only were they professional, I was able to feel safe and given the
opportunity for George Balot to represent me on my behalf knowing that he has
over a decade of experience and him being an overall caring, compassionate and
thoughtful lawyer who took my side and called the Police in front of me to
show me that he was in with both feet in my defence. You would think that
Lawyers want to get the case over and done with, however at Balot and Reilly
Lawyers they showed me a different perspective on Lawyers as they constantly
checked up on me, asking if I had any further questions, how I was managing
or whether I needed clarification in anything they told me previously.
My sincere gratitude goes to Balot and Reilly Lawyers for their excellent
legal representation and I cannot be happier with the results of my trial.
Not only did they make a critical difference to my future, as a student I had
a lot to lose with regards to future employment opportunities and the level
of your legal practice helped me stay in control and positive to the outcome.
The time and effort on your behalf in order to get me a Diversion was truly
appreciated. I not once felt neglected or pushed in any direction that made
me uncomfortable thus leaving me a happy client.
Thanks again George Balot and team for showing your skill and experience
to get the best possible results for me. Would definitely recommend to
friends and family and to anyone who needs a lawyer and is sick of searching
endlessly for one-choose Balot and Reilly!


I made a monumental mistake during an extremely stressful time in my life and
ended up with 3 charges against me. I had never done anything so stupid. I
was so ashamed and remorseful at what I had done, and the thought of having
to discuss my options with a lawyer was daunting to say the least. I was
scared and worried about what the future would hold. I went to a few
different lawyers before I met with the team at Balot Reilly. They were the
ones who put my mind at ease and gave me nothing but support and
understanding at a time I felt everyone would judge me. They looked at the
whole situation and all the contributing factors leading to my offence. There
was quite a bit of effort involved in organising all the supporting items to
best present my case, but the team were able to effectively present the key
items on the day using expert knowledge of the particular scenario. George Balot
also went above and beyond to ensure the prosecution only presented facts
material to the charges, rather than other summary information, which could
have coloured the situation in a much worse light. The result was fantastic
beyond my expectations, and I am both relieved and elated that I have not
recorded a conviction, as this would have severely impacted my job prospects
in future and subsequently, my ability to provide for my family. I cannot
speak highly enough of the team at Balot Reilly.


I am absolutely over the moon about the result George and his team were able
to achieve for me. I was charged with affray, unlawful assault with a weapon,
intentionally cause injury, threats to kill and discharging a moltov bomb. I
was drunk and stupid and I called Balot Reilly to get keep me out of jail so
that I could improve my life. I was given their full attention and they were
understanding, compassionate, patient and highly strategic. They constantly
fought for me and reduced my charges. They never gave up and ultimately
achieved an incredible result without a conviction that I never expected.
Thanks to them I can now keep my job and continue to further my studies and
travel. I was struggling financially at the time and thought I was going to
have to fight the charges alone, not just a
great and professional team, but a great group of people!


I want to thank the team at Balot Reilly for not giving up on me and protecting mine and my family’s future. Previous lawyers failed in varying very strict bail conditions and encouraged me to plead guilty when they felt the case was too strong for them to challenge.

I was unable to travel interstate which impacted my business, had a very strict curfew and police were checking up on me at all hours of the night. My children were terrified when the Police came, they didn’t feel safe in their own home.

I am very grateful to Mr. Balot for successfully varying my bail conditions to take some of the stress away from my family.

Even though my other lawyers believed the case against me was overwhelming Balot Reilly lawyers were able to have serious drug charges withdrawn. With these charges withdrawn jail was still likely, however Mr. Balot and his team successfully got me a suspended sentence.

I have been given time to rehabilitate and re-build my life with my family. I will be forever grateful to the team at Balot Reilly.

Dominic Thai
From: Perth

Dominic Thai

I am writing to share how pleased I am with the services provided to me by
Balot Reilly Solicitors.

Recently I became involved in an unfortunate legal matter with the potential
for a disastrous outcome. However, I was lucky enough to have discovered
Balot Reilly just in time.

Words can barely describe how impressed I am with the fantastic outcome we
achieved. The dedication, passion, thoroughness, professionalism and
attention to detail shown by George Balot and his talented team has been
truly remarkable, and is appreciated beyond measure. George was so committed
to achieving the best possible result for me that he was even working on my
case on New Year's Eve. When the court surprised us with a very tight
timeline, George and his team went above and beyond to ensure everything was
fully prepared in time for my hearing.

Balot Reilly represent exceptional value for money. These are people who
genuinely care about their clients, and do their best to help them. I'm
extremely grateful to Balot Reilly for their outstanding legal
representation, and I recommend them very highly.


I under calculated my intake of alcohol after a girls night out and was caught drink driving. My licence is my livelihood! I am a nurse and regularly worked night shifts so losing my licence will greatly impact my life. George Balot understood how important it was to me, he put up the biggest fight for my case and in return I didn't lose my licence. I can't thank you enough! Definitely the best lawyers in Melbourne for drink driving cases. I have greatly learnt my lesson!

Amy. B

I would like to thank the team at Balot Reilly for helping secure my brother's bail application. From start to finish they were professional and explained everything thoroughly. I felt that they truly had my family's best interest at heart. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in need.

George. A

Thanks for EVERYTHING George & team People generally say they are the best in their industry but I firmly & wholeheartedly agree that you guys at Balot Reilly are 'the best'.. Words can no further illustrate how strongly I feel about this.. Thanks again!

Emine. K

I would like to thank George for his outstanding work he did for my husband
in regards to a immediate suspension of his licence for drink driving. After
calling approx 8 other law firms that all told me there was nothing that
could be done to get his licence back until the matter was heard in court,
George advised me that we had a good chance to get the suspension lifted. We
attended court and happened to get a magistrate that knew nothing about the
law when it come to drink driving. George showed great restraint and managed
to get us a different magistrate that had an idea about the law. After almost
6 hours of sheer frustration he managed to put our case to the magistrate
which resulted in my husband keeping his licence until the matter is heard in
court. I can't thank Balot Reilly enough for their knowledge and ability. If
I had listened to the other 8 lawyers that state they specialise in traffic
law my husband would be unemployed as he is a courier and needs his licence
to work. Once again thank you for your Outstanding work. I would recommend
them to anyone that has a traffic issue as they seem to be the best in
Melbourne and most knowledgeable and dedicated lawyers I have met. Once again
Thank you.

Sonia. P

I don't know how to thank you all so very much for all your wonderful work that you did in order to save me from a criminal record, and giving me my life back, and my family''s peace of mind. You guys at ballot Reilly are truly amazing and a wonderful team. What I consider to be angels in the court. Thank you once again for giving me my life back! There is no price for that.
God bless you all.

Sincerely yours, Julian. C


I have committed crimes that I am very embarrassed and remorseful for. I was stuck in a dark hole and didn’t think life could get back on track. After being recommended by friends about BALOT REILLY, they restored my hope and fought so hard for me that I walked away with no conviction and help to get back on the right track! Thanks Balot Reilly for saving my Life!! BEST LAWYER IN THE COUNTRY!


If anyone I know was to ask which lawyer to go to, no matter how big or small the problem is I say without hesitation BALOT REILLY SOLICITORS! If there's a technicality they will find it, and they found many in my cases! Why have an amateur play around with your life? Have the best take care of it!


After being told by other lawyers that my case was a lost cause, I approached Balot Reilly lawyers who restored my faith and gave me an unimaginable result! No one could believe it! Thanks guys!


I'm a courier driver and I lost my license for demerit points which I was not solely responsible for. Civic compliance and Vic Roads were not interested in a word I said. Balot Reilly went through every fine and every bit of paperwork that I had, they sent letters assisted me with statutory declarations and ultimately helped to restore my license and my livelihood. Thanks guys, where would I be without you? I could not feed my family without your help. You’re worth every dollar I spent on you.


"Best Criminal Lawyer in MELBOURNE!!!" Great law firm. I felt hopeless with my previous lawyer. Then I made a change and instructed Balot Reilly who took care of all my matters, stuck to their word and got me a great outcome! I couldn't be happier, I highly recommend them! Thanks guys.


I want to thank the team at Balot Reilly for giving me the best legal representation during my case, I was going through hell with every other Lawyer telling me there is no hope to win my case, But not Balot Reilly, they gave me that confidence and hope again. At times like these any hope is better than none.
They studied and analysed my case to the last detail, it definitely paid off because I received a result i never thought possible!
Thank you guys for your amazing work.


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